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West Lafayette Air Conditioner Installation

Considering a New AC System

The weather in West Lafayette makes having a working, dependable HVAC system not just a luxury but a necessity. Whether your old system cannot take any more repairs, or you are building new construction, we have the product and expertise that is needed for air conditioning installation and all your AC repairs in Lafayette.

There are many reasons why you may be ready for a new system, including:

  • AC Smells Odd and Sounds Weird - 
    If you notice that your AC is making unusual squeaking or grinding noises, it could be reaching the end of it's life. In addition, if you are smelling smoke or something musty, it could be another sign that your AC unit is in need or replacement.
  • You want to upgrade to an energy efficient system - 
    Having an old AC unit, means that your energy bill may slowly rise. As AC units get older, they become less efficient and will need to use more energy in order to provide the cool air your home requires. If you notice this, it may be time to call us to help install your new AC.
  • Your current system is 15 years old or older - 
    Most AC units will last around 20 years. If your AC unit has reached that age, it may be time to replace it. Replacing the compressor at that age can cost or exceed the cost of replacing your AC with a brand new unit.

No matter why you are considering a new AC installation, we have the skilled Lafayette AC replacement technicians required and the quality products that will work in your space. Call us at (765) 252-0051 to get started!

Air Conditioning Install by Blue Fox Heating & Cooling

Whether you are building a home or office building from the ground up, or are ready to revamp your current cooling system, our team can help. Our West Lafayette air conditioner installation technicians at Blue Fox Heating & Cooling are well equipped to provide you with knowledge, product options, and trusted service needed for such a big investment. We know that this is a big purchase, and we can help you to feel confident that you have made the right choice.

We will do a complete evaluation of your needs, the size of the space, and what we can offer in state-of-the-art products. We can customize your install experience, making sure that you get the system that is right for your home or commercial building. In addition to our professional West Lafayette AC installation, check out our expert indoor air quality services!

24/7 Service for Your AC Needs

Our Lafayette AC replacement team understands that you may not be home during regular “working hours” so we can make an appointment that works with your schedule. We offer 7-day, 24-hour appointments so that we can help you on your time. Let us discuss with you what you are looking for, what your needs will be moving forward, and how a new AC system can be the perfect addition to your space. A reliable, innovative, and technologically advanced AC system is the perfect addition to any home or office. Take a look at our reviews!

Contact us for a Lafayette AC replacement estimate at (765) 252-0051

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