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Mini-Split & Ductless Systems in West Lafayette

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Ductless heating and cooling systems have become extremely popular in recent years and are now found in homes, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other commercial buildings. Blue Fox Heating & Cooling offers repair and service for your mini-split and ductless heating and cooling in West Lafayette. We service all makes and models of ductless systems.

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Air Conditioning without Ducts

In the past, window units and portable air conditioners were the only options for homes without a duct system. A ductless system includes an indoor unit that is mounted on the wall and a small outdoor unit. The conditioned air is delivered directly into the room without the need for expensive duct system installation. The ease of installation makes this a great solution for replacing window units, providing air conditioning in a home addition, or any home without a duct system.

A Ductless Mini-Split System Offers Advantages That Tnclude:

Customized Solution For Your HVAC Needs

A ductless heating and cooling system is a customizable, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient source of heat and air conditioning. In addition to improved energy efficiency and cost savings, this type of system allows you to create a zoned climate inside your home. You can heat or cool the areas being used without wasting energy heating and cooling unoccupied rooms.

Mini-Split Repair & Maintenance

Are you having a problem with your ductless and mini-split system in West Lafayette? Blue Fox Heating & Cooling repairs and maintains all brands of ductless heating and cooling equipment. If your system is not warming or cooling your home sufficiently, is leaking, or makes strange sounds, give us a call to have a technician inspect the system and determine the best repair solution. Our maintenance program can help reduce the frequency of repairs and ensure reliable performance.

Please contact Blue Fox Heating & Cooling at (765) 252-0051 to schedule a West Lafayette ductless heating and cooling repair or maintenance service.

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