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The air you breathe every day is of utmost importance. Many people are unaware of the quality of the air inside their house. Blue Fox Heating & Cooling in Lafayette know that dust, dirt, and germs can lurk inside your heating and cooling system and continually be dispersed throughout your home. It’s crucial that you have an expert check the quality of your indoor air. Our trained professionals have the expertise and equipment to inspect your air quality and make appropriate recommendations.

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Hidden Home Allergens

Can’t stop sneezing? Seasonal allergies in Lafayette can be bothersome, to say the least. The air inside your home could be the source of the problem. Allergens from outside may get trapped inside, further aggravating the problem. Your home heating and cooling systems may harbor dangers you may be unaware of. Blue Fox Heating & Cooling realizes the importance of the air you breathe. The ducts in your home can house a lot of harmful and unhealthy debris. These particles can be dispersed throughout your air and inhaled with each breath you take. They can have an even worse effect on those with allergy sensitivities.

Some potentially harmful particles found in households include:

  • Dirt and dust
  • Pollen
  • Animal dander
  • Outdoor pollutants

Allergy medicine may help with temporary relief of symptoms, but it won’t alleviate the problem all together. If not taken care of, your allergy problems will persist and potentially get worse. Ridding your home of these unwelcome contaminants is the only way to ensure you and your family are breathing clean. Blue Fox Heating & Cooling can help eliminate your allergy problem from the source.

Home Air Purifier Services

Air purifiers can effectively and efficiently remove bacteria, pollen, dust, animal dander, and other common, everyday pollutants from your home. Most particles in the air are microscopic and can’t be detected. Blue Fox Heating & Cooling can install an air purification system that will rid your home of potential allergens and provide you with peace of mind and a deep, clean breath. We offer free estimates so that you can be made aware of all potential options as well as a plan of action. Our team of professionals is insured and bonded, and we are EPA certified. Our family-owned business is trusted by the Lafayette community for all indoor air quality and air purifier services.

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